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Special Moments with Mom

Updated: May 9, 2021

This session holds a special place in my heart. When I was a kid, Kathie Bates was the coolest mom on our street. (Don't tell my mom I said that!) She recruited the neighborhood kids to do travel soccer, she'd wave really big when we rode our bikes by, and she kicked cancer's butt with all grace and zero complaints.

Fast forward 18 years. The Bates family has moved to a different part of town, we don't go to church at the same time, and all of us kids have sadly aged out of soccer and scouts. So when Kathie's oldest daughter, Katie, reached out to me to inquire about a photo shoot, it was bittersweet. Kathie's cancer was back and Katie wanted to do a mother/daughter session.

I won't focus too much on the cancer part of this story because I guarantee that Kathie isn't either. She's a very positive force with a fantastic support system. But I will focus on how flippin' cute these photos turned out!

Spoiler: You may see some pretty cute Corgis below too...

It was a little chilly out this evening, but Katie and Kathie had matching flannel so it was perfect!

How adorable are these two? Katie had shaved her head in support of her mama, but by the time we did the shoot, her hair was already growing back.

The day after this shoot was Kathie's last chemotherapy treatment and Katie was there with her.

All three of Kathie's Corgis, Beauregard, Kricket, and Brady, had to join us. Because what is any photo shoot without fur babies? If only they could come to work with me at every shoot...they're so cute!

One more with the doggos and below there are a few more from the end of the shoot.

Nope...still can't get over how cute these two are! Thank you Katie and Kathie so much for trusting us with these special moments. We think the world of you and hope you enjoy your mother/daughter photos!

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