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The Yost Family

"This is Jessica Gibson, soon to be Yost!" You know those awesome couples? The ones that are just perfect for each other? Maybe you don't even know them very well, but you can just tell that they're meant to be? Yep. That's this couple.

To be fair, I've known this about them from the first time I saw them together. Last September, I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica, Jeremy's fiancée. All the years that Jeremy and I went to school and worked together, I've never seen him so comfortable. You could just tell that being with Jessica wasn't work. It was like home.

Even though they had some gorgeous photos this day, it was the moments between the shots that were extra sweet. Genuine kindness, the little looks, and all of the smiles...these are the things that make photographers realize that we're capturing something truly special.

One of the coolest things about this photo session was that it was an engagement session and family session rolled into one. Jessica was so excited to have family photos with their kids. When she said, "one with our whole family", I had to hold back the tears a bit.

Is it perhaps a little silly that I get emotional at shoots? Ok maybe. But what can I say? I love love. People falling in love, bringing their families together, and getting to share their lives together...seriously, tell me what could be more special?

Just in case you needed to see what I mean, just look at this photo and check out those smiles! These two are so adorable together!

And adding their children into these photos just makes them even better! PS-Lake Charleston in the Fall is absolute perfection by the way. In case you didn't already know.

So when Jessica calls and says, "This is Jessica Gibson, soon to be Yost!", I can't help but get really excited for them. I get to capture this amazing couple's wedding on Saturday and I'm not sure I'll sleep until then.

Just in case you are like me and will take all the love stories you can get, I'll wrap up this blog post with a few more Yost Family photos.

Our team couldn't be more excited for Jeremy, Jessica, and their family! Please join us in wishing them a beautiful wedding day and the continuation of a wonderful love story!

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