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Mommy and Me with Sarah and Nevada

Is there any better day for me to share the story of Sarah and Nevada photo shoot than on Mother's Day? That was rhetorical. The answer is obviously no. Haha! Sarah and Nevada are one of the cutest mother/daughter teams I've ever met! They do martial arts together, they are both unbelievably witty, and their connection is unmatched. I loved everything about shooting this session!

This session started off a little rocky because poor Nevada had been sick and was still a little tired. It took her Aunt Charisma a ton of effort to get the smiles you see in these photos!

It didn't hurt that this adorable pupper, Baby Girl, was out on the trail at Douglas Hart that day. Her parents are the owners of S&D Quality Construction out of Mattoon, IL. Shout out to them for stopping to help cheer up Nevada! After that, it was smooth sailing!

It was hard to get Nevada to go to the gazebo because she just wanted to watch the geese and throw rocks in the water. But she finally caved and Sarah was so happy!

This was right after we had to put down the rocks and do some more photos so Nevada's smile may or may not be a little fake, but it's still so cute!

The walk out to this bench might have been a little unsteady so Sarah didn't love it, but the photo was totally worth it! Just look at these two!

Poor Nevada got poked by a branch, but she still got the photo before she stopped posing. What a trooper!

Moving to a different part of the tree gave us a chance to show off their shoes! THEY MATCH!!! How perfect is that?! (Thank you Shoe Sensation!)

Because sometimes you just need to sit on mommy's lap and everything is right with the world.

Nevada really likes being taller than everyone! PS-Look at that hand on that hip! Oh the sass...future model right there!

And...I may or may not have cried a little. These two really are the cutest dynamic duo and I'm so grateful to have captured some memories for them that'll last a lifetime!

Happy, happy Mother's Day to Sarah and all of the other amazing mothers in the world-human, fur, bonus, future. You're all amazing...thank you for all you do and enjoy your day!

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