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Senior Video Shoot 2021

Our company shot it's first marketing video at the end of February. While we patiently wait for Kuznicki Videography to work their magic for the end result, we're going to show you some cool photos we got through the day!

How fierce is this girl?! Alanna Lemons (Charleston High School) had several outfits to choose from, but I'm pretty sure she only tried on one...because she knew this was the dress. Uh...I'd say she's right since it fit her like a glove! This shot was taken outside of Charleston Presbyterian Church in Charleston, IL.

I still can't believe this girl dyed her hair red and it looks fabulous! Christina Douglas (Cumberland High School) nailed this shoot. We've worked with Christina before and she's a blast! Girl also knows how to be confident! Talking to Christina, she's so sweet, but at first a little shy. Once that camera is on, she's a natural! This shot was taken just off of the Square in Charleston, IL.

I can't even talk about how much Alanna was OBSESSED with this purple door. At the studio, we call it "Alanna's door"!

Christina's hair...I am dying! Red and curls for it!

Those eyes though! To quote Christina, "If looks could kill!"

Who knew the staircase on the back of the Chamber of Commerce building could be turned it into art?

Coles County's courthouse is so underappreciated. This is our team's favorite shot of Alanna from the day! PS-Alanna stuck out those shoes all afternoon like a champ!

I was skeptical about Christina's glasses and I'm so glad we tried them! They're much cooler than I gave them credit for! This shot was taken at the bridge across from Lake Charleston.

To say that we had a successful shoot is a massive understatement! While we wait for the video, be sure to follow us online!

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