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Jersey Mike's Ribbon Cutting, Charleston, IL

This was the second time I was asked to photograph a ribbon cutting for the Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce and I have discovered that supporting new businesses in our little town is something really near and dear to my heart.

Although I don't know how it would be possible, if somehow you missed the massive construction of tearing down and rebuilding the Lambo's station on Lincoln Avenue, that did happen and dang is it nice! While the gas station and car wash parts are not yet open, Jersey Mike's certainly is! Their ribbon cutting took place on Monday, January 29th and opening day was Wednesday, January 31st.

We started off by braving the cold and getting a few photos of the staff. Despite the chilly air, they were all so excited!

If you read my last blog, you'll remember Juanito's owner, Daisy Mejia, also having a hard time getting the ribbon cut. I can't decide if it's just tricky ribbon or if Chamber President, Doug Abolt, is having fun with this somehow...

We were all treated to a sub, cookie, and drink from Operating Partner, Alex Gowin, and his team! If you have never tried Jersey Mike's before or are curious as to why it's so delicious, it is because everything is fresh. The bread is baked daily and the veggies are cut every morning-nothing is reused the next day. The premium meats and cheeses are so, so good and according to the, they offer "USDA choice top rounds of roast beef". YUM!!!

I also feel the need to sing the praises of this staff. (Not actually one needs to hear that...) But seriously, this team seemed very happy to be there. Could it be new job excitement? Sure. Could it be ribbon cutting excitement? Absolutely. But I get the vibe they are all just really great humans who want you to have good food and an even better experience. The food was great, but my favorite part of the day was interacting with them.

Keep scrolling for more photos of the ribbon cutting and VIP party! It was an absolute blast with great food and great people! Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate Charleston's newest business!

If you haven't had Jersey Mike's before or haven't tried to Charleston location, I firmly believe you are missing out and should go as soon as you can!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my great experience at Jersey Mike's! For more information, check out the links below.

Jersey Mike's Facebook Page:

Kathleen Kidwell Photography Facebook Page:

Kathleen Kidwell Photography Website:

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