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Kamae and Nuwa

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

To say I'm emotionally invested in today's wedding of Kamae Coffey and Nuwa Jayaweera is an understatement. Besides being their wedding photographer, I've also watched Kamae grow from an (sorry, but it's true) awkward and quiet teenager into a very confident and driven young lady. I was around when Kamae started dating Nuwa, even having gone out with them once myself. Talking to Nuwa was the only time I've truly seen Kamae light up. She was comfortable, happy, and trusting. He was so sweet to her and I could tell there was something real between the two of them. It didn't matter if anyone else knew it, understood it, or cared about it. This was a real love story.

These photos were taken a few days before Nuwa proposed. He actually went back to this spot to ask Kamae to spend the rest of her life with him.

At the beginning of a photo shoot, couples are normally pretty unsure and it takes a while to get some good shots. Not these two. Perfect from the first click of the shutter.

The first time you tell a couple to kiss for the camera, it's usually a laughable mess. Nope. This shot was amazing.

Do you see how sweet he is with her? I swear, I swoon over this photo every single time.

And for real, do you see the way he makes her smile? I just love these two.

Eastern Illinois University has some of the most beautiful landscaped areas of any college campus I've been on. I love what they've done outside of Blair Hall.

These hydrangeas outside of EIU are absolutely stunning.

So today is the big day. These two college sweethearts choose each other through the good and the bad days, every day for the rest of their lives. Please join us in wishing Kamae and Nuwa a beautiful wedding day, a beautiful marriage, and the continuation of a beautiful love story.

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