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Laney Wright, CHS Class of 2023

Laney's Senior Photo Session was an absolutely joy! She was adventurous enough to head up to Allerton Park in Monticello, IL for her session and we are SO glad she wanted to do that! If you've never been to Allerton, you are missing out on nature's truest beauty as well as stunning sculptures. Going there for a hike-cool. Going there for a photo shoot-way more cool! At this location, Laney kept her outfits simple so as not to distract from the colorful and very landscaped backgrounds. We considered making this our only stop because it had so many opportunities, but we were having way too much fun to quit!

After we left Allerton, we headed onto the University of Illinois campus and took photos at the Arboretum. It was absolutely perfect! Laney changed into a floral and flowy dress for this location and it was everything you'd want it to be! The high number of geese seemed to agree and followed us a time or two. We absolutely got some good laughs out of that!

Laney's hair and makeup were done by the very talented Angelia Smyser of The Front Porch Salon just North of Charleston, IL. I cannot begin to explain to people the difference it makes when you have a professional do your makeup...just wow. And it stayed through the warmer part of the day! Working exclusively with our studio, Angelia has quickly become a vital part of our team. If you're looking to upgrade your experience, we highly recommend adding her services to your session.

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