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Kambrynn Etnire, Charleston HS Class of 2023

Kambrynn's Senior Photo Session was like an episode of SNL-tons of quick outfit changes, a lot of one liners, and a random person thinking he should be in the show, despite not being invited. It made for a quick laugh and that ended our time at the Charleston Square. But let's start this recap from the beginning shall we?

Kambrynn's photo shoot started at Friendship Garden in Mattoon, IL. Despite scaring a squirrel and me making the mistake of smelling a random, left behind blanket, it was perfection. The flowers were in full bloom, no one else was there, and despite it being a small park, it had a lot unique of photo ops. Kambrynn kept her outfit simple with a white body suit and a pair of jeans. It really gave her photos the simplicity I was hoping for. 

Our next stop was the Square in downtown Charleston, IL. I'll never get enough of that place. The brick is different on every building, the Courthouse just has a sense of tradition that I love, and we always seem to find something new every time. Kambrynn paired a jean jacket with a black top and a pair of jeans. Several of her images look like an album cover. Now she just needs to make music and we'll be good to go! Haha. She also pulled off the cutest skort...I love that the '90s are really starting to come back! sometimes I just pull my car off on the side of a random road that was not our destination and I pray the client follows knowing that I'm not a crazy true crime person. Haha. That's how we got some of my absolutely favorite shots of Kambrynn with a field of yellow flowers behind her while we was sporting a white dress. YYYYEEESSS!! Victory!

Last but certainly not least, we hit up a slightly hidden water spot where Kambrynn braved the cold and got some epic photos! Marshall, IL really does have some amazing places if you look hard enough.

Kambrynn's hair and makeup were done by the very talented Angelia Smyser of The Front Porch Salon just North of Charleston, IL. I cannot begin to explain to people the difference it makes when you have a professional do your makeup...just wow. And it stayed through our entire adventure, including her eyelashes! Working exclusively with our studio, Angelia has quickly become a vital part of our team. If you're looking to upgrade your experience, we highly recommend adding her services to your session.

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