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Cadence Reisner, Cumberland HS Class of 2023

Cadence's Senior Photo Session was a freakin' blast! She had several really great ideas in three different counties and we went for it! First stop was Fox Ridge State Park just outside of Charleston, IL! If you've ever hiked this area, you know there are a million and one photo ops, but we chose my personal favorite. (I'll keep my secrets-haha!) At this location, Cadence pulled out her FFA jacket and rocked it! It looked perfect in a natural environment and I'm so glad she chose it!

After we left Fox Ridge, we headed to some private property that Cadence had access to outside of Greenup, IL. She changed into a flowy white top with ripped jeans and it was stunning! She chose this location to get some photos with her boyfriend as well. They were so cute together and I loved just watching the adorableness take place. 

Saving the best location for last? You bet we were! This was my first trip to take photos in Marshall, IL, but I'll be going back again and again. Mostly peaceful with the occasional fisherman or truck driving through the water (true story), this calm spot with ankle level water is a photographer's dream. It was also the background for some of Cadence and her mom's favorite photos of the day! Cadence chose a simple, one shouldered black dress and it just made her pop off of the water. 

Cadence's hair and makeup were done by the very talented Angelia Smyser of The Front Porch Salon just North of Charleston, IL. I cannot begin to explain to people the difference it makes when you have a professional do your makeup...just wow. And it stayed through our entire adventure, including her eyelashes! Working exclusively with our studio, Angelia has quickly become a vital part of our team. If you're looking to upgrade your experience, we highly recommend adding her services to your session.

If this experience is something you are interested in for your Senior Photos, simply fill out the form below. We'll send you the details on how it all works to see if we're a fit for you! 

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